Why Your Company Needs a Professional Logo Design Right Now

Brand design experts know that there are some qualities that all effective company logos have in common, and among these qualities is clarity. Clarity is largely accomplished through design simplicity. Your logo is the face of your company’s brand, which means that as you build brand awareness with logo-accompanied experiences, your consumers will begin to make valuable associations between your brand and your logo.

A logo that is complex in design can make it difficult for people to create those associations. Uniqueness, however, can be misinterpreted as complicated, when in truth, it can be far more difficult to create a unique logo that is simple. This is why you need the services of an experienced design firm when designing your company’s logo. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having an effective company logo, and why your business needs one, if it doesn’t already have one.


A logo provides your company with an easily recognisable visual symbol. By placing this image on all your brand collateral, emails and website pages, you give people consistent exposure to your brand, which is valuable.

The more people who are exposed to your logo, the more synonymous the logo becomes with your brand and name. This allows you to place your logo on promotional materials, and even products that act as a standalone representation of your business, when your name won’t fit or it doesn’t look as good.

Distinguish Your Business from the Competition

Imagine opening a listing website and seeing five companies offering the same services. The company that comes across as the most reliable will most often be the company that is contacted. Having a well-designed logo gives you an advantage over your competitors, and allows you to compete as a business.

Consider your competitors operating in your industry. You want to look like you belong, but you also want to look like the better option. If you already have a logo design, compare it to the best companies in your industry, and see where it stands. Or better yet, get a professional design studio to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current logo. If you don’t have a logo design, take a look at your competition, and you’ll instantly be able to rank them based on their brand imagery.

Illustrate Your Brand’s Values

The previous point already alluded to the power of perception, but a custom logo design allows you to consider not only what you want your logo design to look like, but also what you want your company to be branded as. Consider no more than three words that describe how you want your business to be perceived. Think of words like established, luxury, excellence, etc. These words should be the basis of the message that your logo conveys, even if it is just a typeface.

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